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Book of the Week 11/28: Tap Tap Boom Boom

Tap Tap Boom Boom by Elizabeth Bluemle and G. Brain Karas

This week’s book is a surprising find called Tap Tap Boom Boom, a picture book all about a thunderstorm in a big city. Looking at the cover, I wouldn’t have picked this book out myself if I were looking for storytime books (yes I do judge a book by its cover a lot of the time) but having read it I would definitely recommend it to folks looking for a fun read about weather. The storm is described in rhymes in large text with lots of great sound words (boom, tap, slam bang!) Simply drawn characters run past buildings that aren’t illustrations but photographs, a surprising combination that makes each page unique. As they dash out of the rain, many people decide that the subway is the best place to keep dry. Based on the author’s own experience, this book details how the storm brings all kinds of people together in the shelter of the subway, sharing food, laughter, and music.

This book might take some practice to read because of the sometimes unexpected rhyme schemes, but the fun descriptions of the storm and how it brings people together would make it a great story time book as well as a good one to read with your child one on one. This is an unexpectedly fun book and will be going on my book list for weather themed story time!

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