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Board & Staff


The Library Board meets on the last Tuesday of every month at 3:30 pm at the Cloquet Public Library. 

Library Staff:

Courtney Dietsche, Library Director
Keiko Satomi, Adult Services Librarian

Morgan Reardon, Children's Librarian

Justin Dinger, Youth Services Librarian
Karen Murphy, Library Clerk

Amy Utech, Library Aide

Jeanie Granholm, Library Aide

Monica Somppi, Library Aide

Joyce Fritsinger, Library Aide
Annette Nynas, Library Aide

Dylan Cheek, Library Aide

Greg Opstad, Library Aide

Susan Haataja, Library Aide

Board members:   

Casey Brissett, President
Mary Hagen, Vice President

Kathy Blais, Secretary
Steve Korby, Treasurer
Gerard Sordelet 
Mary Hagen

Don Walsh

Barb Lammi


The Cloquet Public Library contributes to a democratic and engaged community by providing a welcoming space, stimulating imagination, and supporting children’s literacy.


The Cloquet Shaw Memorial Library Foundation, Inc

Cloquet Public Library Strategic Plan 2022-2025


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Cloquet Public Library


WIFI (wireless) access provided by the Library is unsecured. Patrons are responsible for having the proper hardware, software, and network settings on their wireless device to connect to the Library-provided WIFI, and must provide their own anti-virus, firewall, privacy, and encryption or other security protection on their personal computers. Library staff will not provide technical assistance and will not configure personal computer equipment.


Internet users may not use the library’s computers to display obscene materials or child pornography (as determined by state and federal law); pirate software; degrade or disrupt equipment or system performance; gain unauthorized access to resources or entities; invade the privacy of individuals, violate copyright or licensing agreements; engage in any activity that is deliberately offensive or creates an intimidating or hostile environment; or for any illegal purpose.

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