Spotlight on Cloquet Public Library Staff

Mystery November

Use staff answers to these questions together with the clues released each week to eliminate suspects.

  1. Do you prefer a physical paper book or ebook?

  2. If you wrote a book, what would it be about?

  3. Go-to genre?

  4. Favorite thing about the renovation?

  5. Favorite detective in literature?

  6. Would you rather read a “small town everyone is in on it” or a “locked room” mystery?

  7. Go-to karaoke song?

  8. Which Disney princess would make the best detective?

  9. Would you rather read a book with the most important page missing or one where the author didn't know the difference between their, there, and they’re?

  10. Would you rather have dinner with your favorite author or character?

  11. Would you rather read a book that is plot driven or character driven?

  12. Is the Loch Ness Monster real?


Beth Sorenson

  1. Paper

  2. A Tennis Ball

  3. Mystery

  4. It feels open and inviting

  5. Phryne Fisher

  6. Small town

  7. I only sing in public in church

  8. Ariel, she is observant -"look at this stuff, isn't it neat?"

  9. Oh my, probably the most important page is missing.

  10. Character

  11. Character driven

  12.  Yep.

  1. Physical

  2. The daily drama of a small town pizza place.

  3. Christmas Lit.

  4. The Teen Space!

  5. Encyclopedia Brown

  6. Small town

  7. Ain't too proud to beg - The Temptations

  8. Obviously Belle.  She reads a lot!

  9. I think I could turn my brain off to the improper use of their, there, and they're.  I might not be able to calmly ignore a missing piece of the puzzle.

  10. I would love to have dinner with Stephen King.  He seems very down to earth.

  11. Always the plot.  ALWAYS.

  12. No.

Justin Dinger


Keiko Satomi

  1. Physical

  2. Nonfiction about interesting people. I also want to translate children's books between English and Japanese. 

  3. Realistic fiction with a tough topic

  4. We can see all the aisles and windows from the children's area. 

  5. Sherlock Holmes. Only detective I know.

  6. Small town

  7. I don't do karaoke (even though I grew up in Japan).

  8. Mulan. She can disguise, right?

  9. Haha! Painful question. I would choose the latter.

  10. Author

  11. Character-driven

  12. I had to Google it. We call it Nessie back home. Nope. Not real.

  1. Paper book

  2. Non-fiction about the history of libraries in the U.S.

  3. Mystery

  4. The huge circulation desk right in the middle

  5. Flavia de Luce

  6. Locked room

  7. Key Largo by Bertie Higgins

  8. Belle

  9. Their, they're, there (also the way you console a grammar Nazi)

  10. Character

  11. Plot-driven

  12. Of course!

Courtney Dietsche

Rosemary Heath

Karen Murphy

Jeanie Granholm

Joyce Fritsinger

Amy Utech

1. ebook

2. spooky picture book

3. mystery

4. front desk

5. Lt. Eve Dallas

6. Both

7. Independence Day by Martina McBride

8. Princess Belle

9. There, Their and They're

10. Author

11. Character Driven

12. Yes

  1. Paper book

  2. Family drama

  3. Mystery

  4. Teen Room

  5. Lt. Eve Dallas

  6. Both

  7. Pass

  8. Belle

  9. There, their, and they’re.

  10. Character

  11. Both

  12. Maybe

  1.  Paper book

  2. Recent widow comes across mystery, intrigue, and possible danger. Working title is “Etched in Stone.”

  3. Cozy Mystery

  4. Teen Rooms

  5. Miss Marple

  6. Small town everyone is in on it.

  7. I hope you dance - Lee Ann Womack

  8. Belle

  9. Difference between there, their, and they’re. 

  10. ? Author

  11. Plot driven

  12. Probably not

  1. Paper book

  2. My Family

  3. Historical fiction

  4. Best part of renovation is the teen room

  5. Cork O’Connor

  6. Small town everyone is in on it.

  7. Lean on me

  8. Mulan

  9. Where the author didn’t know the difference between, their,there, & they’re.

  10. Dinner with my favorite author.

  11. Book plot driven

  12. Sure Loch Ness monster is real

  1. Paper book. Not as convenient, but it is easier to read when the whole book is in front of you.

  2. A fantasy book based on a historical time period or what could have been in a historical time period.

  3. Fantasy

  4. Children's space

  5. Father Brown

  6. Small town where everyone is in on it.

  7. Don't Stop Believin' by Journey

  8. Mulan

  9. Where the author didn't know the difference between the their, there, and they're.

  10. Character

  11. Character driven

  12. No

  1. Physical paper book

  2. Monkeys

  3. Mystery

  4. Being able to see down all the aisles.

  5. Yet to be decided. 

  6. Locked room mystery

  7. Pass on karaoke

  8. Belle

  9. Difference of there, their, and they’re.

  10. Character

  11. Character driven

  12. No

Annette Nynas

Emily Christensen

  1. Paper

  2. Probably something involving space travel, of which I know little about. Or how a team of accountants save the day with the power of spreadsheets. 

  3. Science Fiction, I'm all for anything in space.

  4. How much more open it feels.

  5. Hercule Poirot, never underestimate the little grey cells.

  6. Locked room, i love a good puzzle to solve.

  7. Have You Ever Seen the Rain-CCR

  8. Snow White. With that kind of communication with animals you can bet a little birdy told her.

  9.  I can overlook the improper use of there, their, and they’re. But I need to know what happens, I need details!

  10. Author

  11. Plot driven, I like how it can lead to good character development. 

  12. I would have to go and find out for myself… I always wanted to go to Scotland.

Monica Somppi

  1. Physical book

  2. Animals

  3. Mystery

  4. The layout of the stacks

  5. Harry Bosch

  6. Small town

  7. Waterloo

  8. Jasmin

  9. Their, they’re, and there

  10. Character

  11. Character driven

  12. Yes!

Sophia Campbell

  1. Paper, the mustier the better.

  2. The Boat Wasn’t The Only Woman: My Life on HMS Irresistible (fiction) or A Pictorial History of 

  3. Non-Fiction (796 or 910)

  4. I get to work here!

  5. Cormac Macguire & Nora Gavin

  6. “Small town everyone is in on it”(we live in a small town after all)

  7. Maggie Mae by Rod Stewart or Tush by ZZ Top

  8. Belle

  9. I would read the good one until the missing page and then stop and find another copy. I know how to do that because I work in a library. 

  10. Character! Farmer Oak can come on over for some Shepherds Pie any time!

  11. Character.

  12. Absolutely. I’ve been to Loch Ness, so I would know.