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Book of the Week 12/5: May We Have Enough to Share

May We Have Enough to Share by Richard Van Camp

This week I read Richard Van Camp’s adorable board book May We Have Enough to Share. This sweet book features full page photos of kids and their families provided by members of the blog Tea & Bannock, a collective blog by Indigenous women photographers. One page of each spread features a photo while the opposite page features text over a birch bark background. A small piece made of beads and quills is placed beneath each line which adds an artistic touch. Each page glows with love shown by the families and presents a lovely look into Indigenous family joy.

This book would be perfect for reading aloud to a baby or toddler! The kids will love looking at all the happy faces and listening to the repetitive and soothing sounds of the “May we have” lines on each page. I would definitely recommend this title to caregivers looking for a heartwarming and beautiful board book with wonderful Indigenous representation!

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